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join up, dear friends...

I haven't had a public post in over a year and a half or something like that, so I'm just leaving this out to float around on the 'net a bit and see if anything's biting. This journal is Friends Only. However, you are more than welcome to leave a comment here and I will more than likely friend you back. A short bio is right to your right...somewhere, and um...yes, I really am this insane. All the time. It's an affliction, like dancing. Or something.

Come join me, it's fun. Heheh.




Oh, wait, I'm here all ready. ;)

re: bite

Yes, you are. Muahah! :)


Re: re: bite

*hugs* ;)

Re: re: bite

Jackie it's Jackie! Eric and I want to join. Can we join? PLEASE!
hi. i happened upon your lj through stardust-dream and noticed we had some interests in common (especially film) and I enjoyed your writing style/thought process so i thought it'd be fun to get to know you.
Hi! I used to be simplytia - but i had to change journal for personal reasons (someone hacked into my computer) . Do you think you can add me! i miss reading you :) I hope all is well :)