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Cinderella Bites the Dust

|| Better Off in a Bin Bag ||

I'm Here Somewhere

I'm a 27-year-old with a BA and an MA in Film Studies from the University at Buffalo (also known as UB). Recently finished from grad school and on the evil job market. To earn my keep I work hard with three jobs, no time to myself, and I own a TARDIS...wait...that's not right... Ultimately, I someday want to teach Film at the college level. Oh, the filmic joy.

The above bars were created by the awesometastic anagraphic.

Brushes and Icons:
I've have used brushes from the following talented LJ users: Wonderland__, Christmasangel and Cae-Prince. I think I also have used some lyrics brushes from Raynedanser. All other icons are credited, if I know who made them, in the icons section.

DW Series 2 Friends Only banner by icon_ology and oh, how gorgeous is it? LOL! Also, my sidebar animation of Ten being full of himself is by fizzlingwhizbee.

Current DT/DW mood theme is by cowboyhd who creates the most fun sidebars and animations for DW EVER. LOL. Woohoo!

Feel free to "friend" me and join in the weekly and sometimes daily craziness.

What's My Line?
I am frequently asked what my favorite film line is because of my background in the medium, but the truth is, I really cannot say because I have too many favorites! Hundreds! The following are a few of which I am "especially" fond of.

"Morons, your bus is leaving!" - Phil Connors, Ground Hog Day 1993.

"Eight o'clock, eight o'clock...some friend! Story of my life. Cinderella bites the dust."
- Lois Lane, Superman (1978).

"Ray, when someone asks if you're a God, you say "Yes"! - Winston, Ghostbusters (1984).

And...that's a wrap. Back to the TARDIS.